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From our family, to yours.

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A Dream That has
Been SIMMERING for Years

From the rugged hills of Carovilli to the hardworking streets of Akron, the spirit of family and tradition has guided our journey to Wooster. With each passing generation, our roots grow deeper and our bonds stronger, united by the values of hard work and the cherished memories of those who came before us.


Our love for Italian cooking and food remained an essential part of our family traditions. In our family, cooking was not just a means to an end; it was an expression of love and an opportunity to gather around the table and share stories of our past. 

From the fragrant tomato sauce simmering on the stove to the freshly baked bread that accompanied every meal, our passion for Italian cuisine was evident in every dish we served. We learned that a good meal is more than just food - it's an experience. Pairing the right wine with the meal enhances the atmosphere and makes the dining experience more memorable.


Our online waitlist is like a virtual line - you can add your name to it and we'll let you know when it's your turn to dine!

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